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Prospective employees will receive consideration without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, handicap or veteran status. In submitting this application/resume for employment, I authorize investigation of all statements contained herein, and it is understood and agreed that any misrepresentation (including omission of information) by me in this application will be sufficient cause for cancellation of application and/or for separation from the Company’s service if I have been employed. Upon written request, additional information as to the nature and scope of the investigation, if one is made, will be provided. Background checks related to criminal offenses are done routinely on all applicants. Please provide any maiden or other married names that may have been present on any legal documents or forms of identification. Key Personnel will not deny employment to any applicant solely because the person has been convicted of crime. We our clients may, however, consider the nature, date and circumstances of the offenses as well as whether the offense is relevant to the duties of the position applied for and proceed accordingly.

Important Notice to All Key Personnel Employees & Applicants

A Key Personnel Employee or Applicant is NOT eligible to work for a Key Personnel customer directly for a period of 180 days following his/her completion of any work assignment or interview with a customer. Our Temporary-to-Permanent contract with our customers is as follows: An employee must work at least 520 hours on our payroll OR a contract fee must be paid by a customer before an employee is eligible to be hired on directly by the customer.

In consideration of my employment, I agree to conform to the rules and regulations of Key Personnel. Employment and can be terminated, with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time. I understand I will be held legally responsible for my actions.

In accordance with the Workers’ Compensation Law of Texas, all employees are hereby notified that Key Personnel does have Workers’ Compensation Insurance. In case of injury on the job: 1). Report the injury immediately. 2). If needed, go to a company doctor or hospital. 3). Notify Key Personnel of injury status, working restrictions, or eligibility to return to work. 4). Complete company accident report. 5). Do not return to work until doctor clears you to return.

No payments of any kind will be made in connection with an injury that is not clearly sustained on the job and reported to the supervisor at the time of the injury. Any payments for medical bills and lost-time benefits for a just claim are made on a voluntary basis with the understanding that such payments in no way constitute admission of liability on the part of the company.