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Job Interview Etiquette

Posted on: June 7, 20180 Comments

You have been on the job search, spending countless hours applying online, and finally you land a interview with a company. This blog is about job interview etiquette and how to be successful in landing your new job.

Let’s discuss what you should do during a job interview:

1. Account for traffic and arrive 10-15 minutes early

This gives you a few minutes to check in with the receptionist, use the restroom if necessary, and to acclimate yourself with the office. Try to avoid being on your phone the entire time you wait as well, it makes you look like you don’t want to be there.

2. Greet your interviewers as Ms or Mr

So what’s the big deal?

It’s not a deal breaker or rude to call someone by their first name; however, when you call someone by their last name you are showing them respect. In essence you are saying to them, I respect you and you are important.

3. Dress professional

If you are serious about landing a job; then, showing up to the interview dressed in a professional manner shows the interviewers that you are dependable and take pride in yourself. If you wear jean with holes or basketball shorts to an interview then you are setting yourself up for failure.

4. Make eye contact with the employer and have a firm handshake

Landing a job is about more than just your experience and your achievements. A big factor in how well you interview is your nonverbal communication. That includes your posture, your body language and, perhaps most important, your eye contact. Appropriate eye contact speaks to confidence and self-esteem.

5. Be polite and confident

This should be a general rule in life, especially during an interview. If the interviewer feels like you don’t want to be there or senses an attitude, then they are left with little confidence in hiring you.


Let’s discuss what not to do during a job interview:

  1. Arrive 15-20 minutes early and demand to be seen
  2. Chew gum during the interview
  3. Be on your phone for any reason
  4. Bring a bottle of water or soda
  5. Wear sandals or slides

You may be thinking these are just common sense tips for an interview; however, many people choose not to prepare for a job interview and oftentimes bomb the interview based on these simple rules of thumb. If you follow these basic steps then you will have a higher chance of success landing that job offer.

Have any thoughts or tips yourself? Leave us a comment and share your own job interview etiquette!